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Welcome to the Library 2021

Welcome to the Hampton Primary School ‘Library Blog’ 2021.  Our Library Blog is here to provide you with loads of interesting information about our lovely Library, and to encourage and inspire your love of reading, your search for knowledge …and all things story…..

There will be regular posts to keep you entertained and updated with what’s happening in our Library…new books, storytime readings, student book reviews, information and links for some really uselful reading and book sites, and even some ‘lunchtime fun’ activities.

So please make sure you go for a bit of a wander through the site to explore and discover what’s happening in your land of Library…and check in regularly for new posts!

Fresh Air Library

The current Covid restrictions allow for individual classes to come to the library during their scheduled Library Class Times. However, as different year levels are not permitted to mix in an indoor space…this means that the Library cannot open during lunchtimes for the whole school.
The Library is a special place at lunchtimes, not just about books. It’s a safe and friendly space where students can seek refuge from the playground if they need to and connect with like minded students and feel a sense of belonging.
So…if the kids can’t go to the library at lunchtime…then the Library WILL COME TO THEM!
Different year levels are permitted to mix in an outdoor space in the fresh air. So to cater for the group of students who really enjoy and benefit from our Library space, I’ll be setting up a bit of a mini portable outdoor library on the Alhambra Stage at lunchtimes – the Hampton Primary School ‘FRESH AIR LIBRARY’. There will be a selection of books to read, some picnic rugs and cushions to sit on, and some regular library activities (cards, games, colouring in).

The FRESH AIR LIBRARY will run every Mon – Thurs for the whole of the lunch hour.

Slightly Shabby Second Hand Book Sale

Every now and then I need to do a cull in the library and remove the ‘slightly shabby’ (but still very lovable and readable) books from the shelves. And I absolutely hate to throw out books that still have a good story in them….
So…announcing the “Slightly Shabby Second Hand Book Sale”

Virtual Book Week

Listen to your favourite Authors talk about their books and writing. Click on the links to view the videos in Youtube.

Session 1

Years: K-2
Authors: Aura ParkerYvette PoshoglianPip HarryMick Elliott


Session 2

Years: K-2
Authors: Alexa MosesJacqueline HarveyJules FaberYvette Poshoglian

Session 3

Years: 3-6
Authors: Matt CosgroveMax HamiltonNat AmooreYvette Poshoglian

Session 4

Years: 3-6
Authors: Sue MurrayGeoffrey McSkimmingMatt Cosgrove

Session 5

Years: 3-6
Authors: Jules FaberMaryam MasterNathan Luff

CBCA Book Week

21 – 27 August 2021

Yes it’s that time again. Bringing Books and Children together during Book Week. Encouraging and fostering a love of reading amongst our children. And to celebrate Book Week…and have a bit of fun…students are invited to dress up as their favourite book character on Thursday 26th. It certainly doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated…just use whatever is at hand there at home…a pair of glasses, a chopstick from the cutlery drawer and a bit of an eyeliner Z on a forehead and whacko! you are Harry Potter!..Have fun getting your kids to use their imagination, creativity and resourcefulness.

Have a look at all the amazing Shortlisted books here…..

NAIDOC Week Poster Competition WINNERS!!!

What a fabulous response we had to NAIDOC Week! And what a fabulous response we had to our Student Poster Competition. Some amazing entries from our students, displaying a real understanding and awareness of Indigenous culture and the relevance of NAIDOC Week….and not to mention some brilliant artistic talent. All the entries will eventually make it up on the Library windows to create a stunning large scale display.

Congratulations to our 3 Winners!

Junior School Winner: Ilan Koldun (2A)

Middle School Winner: Morgan Devcic (4E)

Senior School Winner: Lilla Ueda (6C)

Our winners each took home prize packs containing some wonderful items, including books by Indigenous authors and illustrators, vouchers for either Museum Victoria’s Indigenous displays and experiences, or vouchers for Cooee Café – a wonderful Indigenous café on the Mornington Peninsula. The packs also contained some great art supplies to keep our winners creating! A huge thankyou to Cooee Café and Museum Victoria for donating items for the prize packs.

Scholastic Book Club

Smashed it out of the park!!!!

It is so incredibly wonderful and encouraging to see our students so enthusiastic about reading and books!

It took me a few days, and a fair bit of work…but the orders from the most recent Scholastic Book Club Catalogue have been distributed to students.

And we totally smashed it out of the park with orders! As a School Community you spent just over $6000 on books for your families. This means that the School Library receives just over $1200 in ‘Rewards Dollars’ which can be spent on books and other resources for the Library and Classrooms.

So…THANK YOU for being such a supportive School Community!

Some of the furniture and resources that we have been able to purchase for the Library with Scholastic rewards. Low reading tables and floor cushions, sensory friendly ‘wobble stools’, and not to mention LOADS of new books!!

Remembrance Day 2020


NAIDOC Week is an annual celebration of the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The NAIDOC Theme for 2020 is ‘Always Was. Always will Be’, which recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.

Visit our Library display and learn about our Indigenous history, culture and achievements. There are books about Indigenous history, culture, current issues, and some amazing Picture Books and Fiction Books by Indigenous Authors and Illustrators.

Halloween.. !!!

Make sure you check out our Library Halloween displays! And remember that you can come to school on Friday in Halloween costume if you like…

And the Ludstone St Window display even

CBCA Book Week

We celebrated CBCA Book Week with some amazing books by Australian Authors and Illustrators. The winning books can be found at https://www.cbca.org.au/winners-2020

“Bat vs Poss” by Alexa Moses and Anil Tortop was featured in our Library activity.  A lovely story about friendship and sharing. Students decorated our ‘tree’ with all the characters from the book…

And we had some marvellous home dress ups!!

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